Many consider Carba-Nada to be the pasta that changed their lives! Diabetics call us to say it’s the only pasta that doesn’t cause spikes in their sugar.  Weight Watchers share their love on Instagram. Even hard-core foodies say that Carba-Nada, with its lower carbs (24g), lower calories (180) and higher protein (16g), has become a guilt-free part of their cooking repertoire.  

With nothing to hide and everything to show, these gluten-free pastas are plant-based, certified organic and GMO-free. Their unique flavor combinations form a delicious foundation for any recipe, all without sacrificing taste or texture.

Our Classics are the originals, dating back to 1981.  That’s when we had the idea to roll out pasta. We decided to make traditional flavors like Egg and Spinach but also expand offerings to include new, inspiring flavors – Basil, Garlic Parsley, Squid Ink and more. You’ll love the fresh, homemade texture and 5-minute cooking time that has made our classic pastas a staple in kitchens all across America!

In Italian, “piccolo” means little.  Made with fresh eggs and 100% durum semolina, the pasta is rolled out and formed into unique little shapes: Spinach Farfalletti or “little butterflies”, and Golden Egg Bonnetti, “little bonnets”.

*We strongly suggest ordering in quantities of 6 bags, which is the size of one case. UPS charges the same to ship 6 bags as 5 bags, since they charge by volume.

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