In 1981, Monique Deschaine embarked on a journey to make artisanal pasta and never looked back. Her mission was to offer customers pasta that cooked in 3-5 minutes, had an authentic homemade taste, and was tender but firm. Our first location was in downtown Ann Arbor before finding the perfect spot in Whitmore Lake. Over the years, Monique, along with her husband Dennis, introduced pastas for every taste & lifestyle, making Al Dente a company that truly cares about its customers

As we all know, adventures can be risky. After Al Dente was established in Whitmore Lake, devastating news arrived; our building caught on fire. It was heartbreaking, but the community offered their help, support and love. While Monique was busy using various spare buildings around the city to continue supplying pasta with the help of friends and family, Dennis worked dawn to dusk to not only fix the building, but to make it bigger and better. That location was our home for 41 rewarding years.

In 2006, Monique and Dennis continued to revolutionize the pasta scene and added a new line, Carba-Nada. Since Al Dente strives to offer pasta for every taste & lifestyle, the idea of a pasta option for people in a low-glycemic diet or those who simply wanted to lower their carb intake seemed crazy at the time, but with a few tests and trials, the perfect recipe was created and Carba-Nada is now a staple among many households in the nation.

In 2018, after 38 years of success with Al Dente Pasta Company, Monique and Dennis announced its sale to Alb-Gold, a 3rd generation, family-owned pasta manufacturer located in the Swabian Alb of Southern Germany. Alb-Gold has been at the forefront of the pasta industry since 1968. Both companies are committed to using the best natural ingredients from sustainable sources, cage-free eggs, and wheat sourced directly from farmers.

Our company has grown to be one of the most well-known and loved specialty pastas in the country. With a focus on quality, innovation, passion and perseverance, Al Dente Pasta Company has become a staple in many households and store shelves across the country. We will strive to uphold the values that the company was built upon, while making sure our customers always have pasta to enjoy in good health.

Pasta & Purpose

Al Dente is more than just pasta. It’s a way of life. It’s an interaction with the world. It’s the responsibility we take for every bag of pasta that leaves our factory. It’s a connection with others: we educate; we care; we respect. It’s a commitment to our employees, our customers, our community and our planet.

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