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Monique’s Creamy Cheese Dip

I have a lot of super simple recipes to feed a large crowd, but this one takes the cake. Everyone loves it. Use any flavor sauce like Monique's Marvelous Marinara, Outrageous Olive and Caper, Sundried Tomato, or Rustic Roasted Garlic.

roasted vegetables with pasta

This is the recipe on the Roasted Garlic Linguine bag but any pasta would work. I've used just about every vegetable imaginable, depending on what is in season or what I have in my fridge. Let me know what works for you.

so simple pasta with roasted chicken

This would be a great recipe to try when you've been out shopping all day. It's delicious with leftover chicken or turkey or, buy a prepared rotisserie chicken from the store on your way home. You could whip up this dish in 15 min.

pappardelle with mushrooms and sage

Chef Kristin Cole was inspired by our Pappardelle for this delicious recipe. She is very much in tune with all of us who love delicious, seasonal, simplicity. With this kind of dish, who cares if it’s cold outside!

pasta florentine

An al dente rule to live by: never eat a meal while standing. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Make a table setting. Then prepare to cook a meal that inspires you to sit down and make the meal a lovely moment in your oh-so-busy life.

tangy pasta with shrimp and spinach

Recipe from our Lemon Chive Fettuccine bag. All of my kids have their designated favorite pasta dish named after them. In celebration of my God Daughter’s graduation, I would like to honor her by officially publishing Jenise’s Favorite!

Pasta with Tuna, Spinach and Capers

Kasey Passen, one of the most creative cooks I know, just turned me onto Tonnino Tuna! I am obsessed with trying different pasta recipes with their delicious tuna. This recipe is a hands down favorite with my foodie friends!

Chef Nicholas Bruzzano’s Gluten Free Pasta Saltimbocca

Our friend, Chef Nicholas Bruzzano, has been featured on Chopped Junior and loves our Gluten Free pasta spirals! He created this delicious GF Pasta Saltimbocca recipe that you can recreate in your own kitchen.

pasta with roasted cauliflower, carrots, and onion

This dish is perfect for a chilly fall day. Roasted cauliflower and root vegetables with our deliciously light Whole Wheat Fettuccine that cooks in just 3 minutes!

whole wheat fettuccine with roasted vegetables

This pasta recipe is quick, easy and healthy–the Al Dente trifecta! Because our pasta cooks in 3 minutes, you can get this dish on the table in record time. Peace, love and pasta!

liam’s squid ink pasta with lobster and herbs

This lobster and herb pasta recipe, from our friend Chef Liam, perfectly compliments our Squid Ink Fettuccine! Peace, love and pasta!

pasta with fresh corn and tomato salsa

This recipe is featured on our Red Chili Fettuccine bag, but is delicious with all Al Dente Pasta!