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peas, love, and pasta

This recipe is an Al Dente Pasta fan favorite and has been sampled across the country! People absolutely love it and ask for the exact recipe. So, here it is...perfect for many occasions. And definitely the easiest pasta dish you will ever make.

Pasta with Broccoli rabe and chickpeas

I've seen several variations of this recipe lately and wanted to try my own spin on it. Broccoli Rabe and chickpeas pair beautifully together. This recipe with Broccoli Rabe is spicy and if you add the wine you could call it Broccolini Marsala.

3 in 3 pasta salad with cucumbers and peas

A quick and cool pasta salad for those hot summer days

3 in 3 arugula, sun-dried tomato, and feta pasta

"3 in 3" Recipe......Three Ingredients in 3 minutes!

vegetarian bolognese

Substitute any vegetables of choice for the mushrooms for example, zucchini, kale, or spinach. To make a meat sauce, saute one pound of ground beef or turkey meat until cooked through, before adding sauce.

pasta with kale, carrots, and lentils

Construct your recipes according to Monique's Formula for Healthy Pasta Eating: "little, little, lot" -little pasta, little protein, lots of veggies.

quick and healthy bolognese

This quick, healthy and delicious recipe was designed for Al Dente Pasta's Whole Wheat Fettuccine with flax. Peace, love and pasta!

rosy pappardelle

This recipe is perfect for our wide Pappardelle noodles. Despite the fact that it is wider than our other noodles, it still cooks in 3-4 minutes! Our Pappardelle holds up beautifully under sauces that were sometimes a little too heavy for other noodles.

Pasta with Shrimp, Tomato and Lemon

This delicious Shrimp pasta recipe is featured on our Spinach Linguine bag! Simply delicious.

Wild Mushroom fettuccine with Mushrooms, Red Pepper and Parsley

Mushrooms lovers–we have the pasta dish for you! Our delicious porcini mushroom fettuccine with sautéed sliced mushrooms.

turkey tetrazzini

The search is over! I have found and perfected the most delicious Turkey Tetrazzini recipe of all time. Al Dente Pasta, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, panko breadcrumbs, flavorful mushrooms–you get the idea.

10 Minute Minestrone

I always say, “as long as you have a bag of pasta in your cupboard, you can survive just about anything” and it seems like a lot of people feel that way. I quickly pull together lunch with just a jar of Monique’s Marinara, a few zucchini, some frozen peas, a can of beans and a little Parmesan.