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Pasta with Shrimp, Tomato and Lemon

This recipe is great with any of our pasta flavors, but the visual appeal with Spinach Fettuccine or Squid Ink Fettuccine is really beautiful! This recipe is found on our Lemon Chive bag.

Creamy Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Bell Pepper

If you love mushrooms, this is the recipe for you. Any Al Dente Pasta pairs beautifully with this recipe, but for extra mushroom flavor grab a bag of our Wild Mushroom Fettuccine! In fact, this delicious recipe is on our Wild Mushroom Fettuccine bag. Enjoy!

Pasta with maine shrimp

Luckily my friend, Wendy Williams was willing to share with us her recipe for Whole Wheat Linguine with Maine Shrimp. Ah yes! Beautiful, sweet, baby, Maine Shrimp! And talk about seasonal. This delicacy is available for just a couple of weeks, so I pretty much try to eat them every day. They're gone before you can get tired of them.

perfect party pasta salad

A wise man once said, "You can't grill pasta." No, but you can serve this pasta side dish along with any grilled meats or vegetables. It would be delicous for a large group at a picnic or BBQ.

3 in 3 spinach, sun dried tomato, and pine nuts pasta

Additions such as olives, capers, tuna, cooked chicken, white beans, fresh tomatoes, grilled corn off the cob--are wonderful. Simply adjust recipe by adding a little extra olive oil and use a little extra of the cooking water. This is Pasta Improvisation at its best!

Pasta with roasted vegetables

This pasta recipe is quick, easy and healthy–the Al Dente trifecta! Because our pasta cooks in 3 minutes, you can get this dish on the table in record time. Peace, love and pasta!

Pasta with chicken & asparagus

Many people say that Al Dente Pasta is the ultimate comfort food. An affordable luxury, simple yet sophisticated, amazing, home-made texture and good for you!

asparagus carbonara

Asparagus is in season, it's so fresh tasting and so good right now. I just had to share a recent weeknight dinner. Enjoy!

3 in 3 asparagus, garlic, and ricotta pasta

What's in season? Asparagus! While asparagus is in season I incorporate it into 3 in 3 recipes. I cut asparagus on the diagonal so it cooks to perfection right along with the pasta, in boiling salted water for 3 minutes. This is an only-need-to-clean-one-pot dish.

pasta with mushrooms, asparagus and boursin

This Whole Wheat Fettuccine is delicious, nutritious pasta boasts 6 grams of fiber and 390 mg of ALA omega 3 yet still has the same amazing homemade, "tender, but firm" texture that has made Al Dente Pasta famous since 1981. Here's to good food and good health.

Spinach Fettuccine Primavera

This is the recipe to use when you have lots of vegetables around the house. Any combination would work, any fresh herb makes the flavors pop, and it's all tied together in a delicious light lemon sauce.

pasta primavera

Luscious main dish or started for the weekend meal using any combinations of vegetables in a creamy sauce. You could easily subsititue fat free half and half for the cream.