3 in 3 recipes

Pasta with Shrimp, Tomato and Lemon

This delicious Shrimp pasta recipe is featured on our Spinach Linguine bag! Simply delicious.

Wild Mushroom fettuccine with Mushrooms, Red Pepper and Parsley

Mushrooms lovers–we have the pasta dish for you! Our delicious porcini mushroom fettuccine with sautéed sliced mushrooms.

Spring Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pasta

Spring means asparagus! Stretch out those tender stalks of goodness by combining with pasta and goat cheese. Super simple and really delicious.

pasta with swiss chard, bacon, and onions

Think it’s time to revisit one of my favorite recipes from my dear friend Kasey Passen but with swiss chard as the leafy green to make a simple, delicious, and a 3 in 3 dinner. I’ll use BonaChia pasta to keep the recipe vegan.

asparagus carbonara

Asparagus is in season, it's so fresh tasting and so good right now. I just had to share a recent weeknight dinner. Enjoy!

Pasta with Tuna, Spinach and Capers

Kasey Passen, one of the most creative cooks I know, just turned me onto Tonnino Tuna! I am obsessed with trying different pasta recipes with their delicious tuna. This recipe is a hands down favorite with my foodie friends!

peas, love, and pasta

This recipe is an Al Dente Pasta fan favorite and has been sampled across the country! People absolutely love it and ask for the exact recipe. So, here it is...perfect for many occasions. And definitely the easiest pasta dish you will ever make.

BonaChia® Fettuccine with exotic mushrooms, hazelnuts, and sage

Exotic is what's for dinner on a beautiful fall evening. I used a package of exotic mushroom blend available in the produce section of the grocery store, and sage from my herb garden. I substituted pistachios for hazelnuts.

BonaChia® with Cauliflower, Golden Raisins and Walnuts

Beautiful with Spinach Fettuccine. If I am not using Spinach Fettuccine, then I make the same recipe substituting Broccoli for the Cauliflower so there is a contrast of color.

Pesto, fresh tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella Pasta

So simple and so classic. We made a basic pesto tossed with our BonaChia ® Spinach Fettuccine, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and garnished with lots of delicous toasted pine nuts.

3 in 3 arugula, fresh tomato, and parmesan pasta

This recipe was inspired by fresh farm stand tomatoes that are at their vine ripened best right now. Perfect easy 3 in 3 recipe for an August meal!

3 in 3 edamame, carrots, and celery pasta salad

Going to the movies, so I wanted to have this pasta salad ready for when we get back. So simple edamame, carrots, and celery mixed with Brianna's Saucy Ginger Mandarin Dressing.

Greek Fiesta Pasta Salad with Brianna’s New American Creamy Balsamic Dressing

Looks like a party. So excited about our pasta collaboration with Brianna's Salad dressings. So many delicious Brianna's flavors that pair beautifully with Al Dente® Pasta and veggies for salads.

3 in 3 cauliflower, black beans, and red pepper pasta

You know how I love cauliflower! The trick is to cook the cauliflower in the same water as the pasta. Saves nutrients, cooking time, and clean up!

3 in 3 spinach, sun dried tomato, and pine nuts pasta

Additions such as olives, capers, tuna, cooked chicken, white beans, fresh tomatoes, grilled corn off the cob--are wonderful. Simply adjust recipe by adding a little extra olive oil and use a little extra of the cooking water. This is Pasta Improvisation at its best!

pasta with artichoke, pine nuts and parmesan

Beautiful photo for a beautiful quick and healthy 3 in 3 pasta dish. Enjoy!

3 in 3 pasta with arugula, blue cheese and walnuts

A "3 in 3" Recipe......Three Ingredients in 3 minutes!

BonaChia Sesame Noodle Dish

cucumber, carrot, and cilantro

Our new BonaChia® Pastas are popping up in fine stores all around the country- including NYC! I decided to search Bon Appetit’s website for a bit of inspiration, and this is the result. They are based in The Big Apple, and Bon Appetit has always been one of my absolute favorite cooking magazines.

canadian bacon, cauliflower, and parmesan

I paid a visit to Walter and Hannah, Ann Arbor’s adorable artisan sausage makers at Biercamp. A quick look around and before I could say, “yes!”, a new 3in3* recipe idea was born. Biercamp’s Canadian Bacon, cauliflower, and parmesan.

roasted cherry tomato pasta

Cherry tomatoes are best when they are in season. I spotted these beauties at the farmer's market and couldn't resist pairing them with our BonaChia™ pasta.

pasta with vegetables

A super quick summer meal!

3 in 3 pasta salad with cucumbers and peas

A quick and cool pasta salad for those hot summer days

TexMex Pasta Salad

Perfect for a picnic, party or potluck!

quick and simple pasta puttanesca

Danica, one of our UM interns, loves to cook. She made her own 3in3 Puttanesca by adding olives, red pepper and capers to my Marinara Sauce.

3 in 3 arugula, sun-dried tomato, and feta pasta

"3 in 3" Recipe......Three Ingredients in 3 minutes!

3 in 3 asparagus, garlic, and ricotta pasta

What's in season? Asparagus! While asparagus is in season I incorporate it into 3 in 3 recipes. I cut asparagus on the diagonal so it cooks to perfection right along with the pasta, in boiling salted water for 3 minutes. This is an only-need-to-clean-one-pot dish.

what’s cooking artichoke, olives, and capers pasta

Stacy from What's Cooking came up with this 3 in 3 recipe using Al Dente Whole Wheat Linguine and BonaChia™ and made a dish for her customers with capers, olives, roasted artichoke hearts. Yum. https://​www.whatscookinga2.com/​week_zen.htm

wcc fried egg, spinach, and mushroom pasta

This 3 in 3 recipe would be great for brunch! I just learned this new one with spinach, mushrooms and fried egg, courtesy of my new friends from Washtenaw Community College.

bonachia® spinach, cannellini beans, and walnuts

Putting a modern twist on an old-world tradition has been Al Dente’s specialty since 1981. BonaChia® is our exciting new vegan pasta. This recipe is one of our 3 in 3 pastas.

BonaChia™ spinach, red peppers, and walnut pasta

One of our fantastic new 3 in 3 Vegan creations. I am obsessed with Spinach. Anyone else out there love spinach?

BonaChia® spinach, raisin, and walnut pasta

One of our delicious Vegan 3 in 3 recipes. Lemon zest garnishes this dish beautifully.

pasta with kale, carrots, and lentils

Construct your recipes according to Monique's Formula for Healthy Pasta Eating: "little, little, lot" -little pasta, little protein, lots of veggies.

linguine with roasted vegetables

This recipe appears on the back of our BonaChia Fettuccine. We're putting a modern twist on old-world traditions. That has been our specialty for over 30 years. BonaChia is our exciting new vegan pasta.This recipe appears on the back of our BonaChia™ Fettuccine. We're putting a modern twist on old-world traditions. That has been our specialty for over 30 years. BonaChia™ is our exciting new vegan pasta.

quick and healthy bolognese

This quick, healthy and delicious recipe was designed for Al Dente Pasta's Whole Wheat Fettuccine with flax. Peace, love and pasta!

bonachia® spinach fettuccine with broccoli, sicilian style

This is Monique’s first vegan recipe that she designed for our new BonaChia® Spinach Fettuccine pasta.

spicy sesame pasta with broccoli and garbanzo beans

When an inexperienced cook asks for a pasta recipe, this could not be easier! It is also my "go to" recipe for pot lucks. It's delicious even at room temperature. One of my most successful 3 in 3 pastas.

rosy pappardelle

This recipe is perfect for our wide Pappardelle noodles. Despite the fact that it is wider than our other noodles, it still cooks in 3-4 minutes! Our Pappardelle holds up beautifully under sauces that were sometimes a little too heavy for other noodles.

Pasta with roasted vegetables

This pasta recipe is quick, easy and healthy–the Al Dente trifecta! Because our pasta cooks in 3 minutes, you can get this dish on the table in record time. Peace, love and pasta!

pasta with spinach and roma tomatoes

Recipe and video created by Peggy Lampman. Says Peggy DeParry, the creator of this recipe "Perfectly cooked, Al Dente pasta combined with the classic taste of Regianno, Balsamic and extra-virgin oil create a simple, yet scrumptious pasta salad."

pasta with ham (or turkey) and peas

This recipe appears on our Egg Fettuccine package. It would be equally good with any flavor of our pasta including our Pappardelle as shown. Peace, love, and pasta.

broccoli & anchovy sauce

I have served this to people who hate anchovies, yet love this sauce! Go figure.

pasta with roasted eggplant, tomatoes and onions

So much of our lives revolves around the meaningful things that bring us together- friendship, discovery, and good food. In this case, I took the opportunity to make a pasta dish using Al Dente Egg Fettuccine with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and almonds.