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golden egg pappardellepappardelle aux oeufs

For those recipes, when you simply can't get enough noodle, this Golden Egg Pappardelle will definitely do the trick. As Al Dente's widest noodle of all, it's perfect for hearty stews and marinara sauce.


I just finished my first bag of your pasta. I'm almost speechless with admiration. It's a rare thing these days for a company to produce a product that is just as advertised, and more. You have a customer for life! Jon Schlichting, Milwaukee, WI


spinach pappardellePappardelle aux épinards

For those recipes, when you simply can't get enough noodle, this pappardelle with chopped spinach will definitely do the trick!


The spinach is a good source of Iron and Vitamin A. - Nanette


garlic herb pappardellePappardelle aux fines herbes et à l’ail

Pappardelle is the trendy cut of pasta right now, with recipes in every magazine and on every restaurant menu. Our Garlic Herb Pappardelle is great for a foodie that wants a gourmet meal at home!


My son came home from college and said, "Mom I need more of that 3 min pasta!" He loves the new Pappardelle because it cooks in just 3 minutes. He's a swimmer and the old coaches saying goes, "Eat pasta, swim fasta!" -Sharon Schmidt Gifford

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