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straw and hay: egg & spinach fettuccine

Some things were naturally meant to go together. Astaire and Rogers. Burns and Allen. Peanut butter and jelly. It got us to thinking: why not pasta? So we searched for the elusive perfect duo. We used nothing but the finest pastas, made with quality ingredients and hand rolled to perfection. After countless tests, there it was: Egg and Spinach, in a three-minute boiling water dance. Everything was in perfect balance: the colors, the flavors, the textures. We call it Straw and Hay. And we think it was meant to be. We think you’ll agree.


You guys have made my taste buds sing!!! I tried your pasta only a couple of days ago and I've already bragged about it to all of my friends!! Thanks, Kristin Brock, La Mirada CA


farm and field: mushroom & egg fettuccine

Every pasta has a story. Ours is a love story. Once upon a time there were quality ingredients like organic durum wheat and fresh eggs. They were all mixed and rolled out over and over again until they were perfect. Now here comes the plot twist. Two pastas meet. One is egg. The other is mushroom. They look different. Taste different. And have just deliciousness in common. And, just like any good love story, they live happily ever after in one single package. We think you’ll agree.


Thanks to Monique Deschaine for coming out and informing myself and my classmates on the fundamentals of great pasta making..... Many pastas flavors to choose from in addition to great sauces. For all you busy people out there this pasta cooks in 3 minutes!!! (Dinner in a flash) This is my new pasta of choice....Love Al Dente Pasta. Thanks Again Mrs. Deschaine. -WCC Culinary Student


land and sea: egg & squid ink fettuccine

Simply put, we love pasta. That is why we only use quality ingredients like organic durum and fresh eggs, rolled over and over until they are perfect. We love it so much, in fact, that we get our inspiration everywhere. One day at the beach when watching the waves crash in, it struck me. The combination of land and sea in one extraordinary moment was as close to perfection as I could imagine. I went right back to the kitchen to put together two remarkable pastas. Egg from the land. Squid ink from the sea. Harmony on earth. We think you’ll agree.


I was raised in a very Italian household, so of course pasta has always been a big part of my life. I remember when I was little my grandmother would make the sauce and even sometimes the pasta from scratch. It would take her all day, but the end result was worth the time. But that's not something I will ever have the time or patience to do. So the next best thing is Al Denta Pasta. Its quick and easy but still tastes as good as homemade. -New Age Mama http://newagemama.blogspot.com/2010/03/all-dente-pasta-review-giveaway.html

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