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About Al Dente

When was Al Dente founded?

Monique and Dennis began making artisanal pasta in Whitmore Lake, Michigan in 1981.  Visit our history page for more information.

How big is Al Dente Pasta Company?

Al Dente Pasta Company is family owned by Monique and Dennis Deschaine with 20 long-time employees help to keep Al Dente’s pasta rich in flavor and texture, while offering the convenience of pasta that cooks in just 3 minutes!

Al Dente Stores

Where can I find Al Dente Pasta?

Al Dente Pasta can be found at many fine stores in the USA and Canada.  Check our store locator to find some of the stores in your area that carry our pasta.  We suggest calling the store before making the trip to make sure they have our products in stock.  Please note, not all of the stores in a chain necessarily carry Al Dente.  Can’t find a store in your area?  You can always purchase our products in our online store.

How can I get my store to carry Al Dente Pasta?

Ask your local store manager to order Al Dente Pasta!  Many of our faithful customers request our products at their local stores with success.

The Making of Al Dente

What makes your pasta “artisanal”?

Our pasta is made with the finest ingredients, made in small batches, rolled out by real people, slowly dried overnight and hand packaged.

Why does Al Dente cook in just 3 minutes?

In the making of Al Dente, our pasta dough is rolled into large, thin sheets before being cut into strips of pasta.  The process of rolling the pasta dough into large sheets makes our pasta have a delicious homemade texture with thin, fast-cooking noodles.  Similar to how an Italian grandmother would make it in her own kitchen.

Why are all of your pastas flat?

We only make flat cut pasta (fettuccine, pappardelle and linguine)  because we roll out our pasta dough in sheets.  Shapes like penne and spaghetti require the pasta dough to be extruded, not rolled out.  All mass produced pastas are extruded.  Our rolled out, small batch produced pasta sets us apart from the large companies and gives our pasta its unique homemade taste and texture.

Our Products

Does you make any Gluten Free pasta?

Yes, in early 2015 we released our Gluten Free pasta spirals made with Navy Bean flour and Brown Rice Flour.  We have three delicious Gluten Free flavors, including: Pure & Simple, Garlic Parsley and Spinach and cooks in 3 minutes!

Do you make Reduced Carb pasta?

Yes, we make a reduced-carb pasta called Carba-Nada. Diabetics love it!

Do you make Vegan Pasta?

Yes, our Vegan BonaChia pasta is made with Chia seeds and comes in 2 delicious flavors: BonaChia Fettuccine and BonaChia Spinach Fettuccine.  The Chia acts as an egg substitute so the pasta still has the remarkable, homemade texture that has made Al Dente Pasta famous.  We are the first company in the world to incorporate Chia into pasta.

Do you make Whole Wheat pasta?

Yes, we do!  Even people who don’t usually like whole wheat pastas, like this one. The texture is much lighter and more appealing that most other whole grain pastas.  There is 80% stone ground whole wheat mixed with a little high-protein durum wheat, flax and chia.

Do you make Pasta Sauce?

Yes, our tomato sauces come in four delicious flavors: Marvelous Marinara, Olive & Caper, Roasted Garlic and Sundried Tomato.  All of the sauces are made with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and sweetened with fresh carrot.

Al Dente Ingredients

Is your wheat grown in America?

Yes.  We make our pasta with Durum wheat, the best and most traditional wheat for making pasta, comes from a cooperative in North Dakota.

Are your products GMO Free?

Yes, all of our products are GMO Free.

Do you add sodium to your products?

No, none of our products have any added sodium.

Is the serving size based on cooked or dry pasta?

For all Fettuccine, Linguine and Pappardelle 1 serving size:

2 oz dry = 1½ cups dry = 1 ½ cups cooked

For 1 serving size of Gluten Free Spirals:

2 oz dry = 1 ½ cups dry =  1 cup cooked

Online Ordering (Consumer)

How do I get the best deal on shipping?

Our pasta and sauce is sold in cases of 6 units.  We suggest buying products in multiples of 6 units for the best deal on shipping.

Wholesale Customers

How do I become a wholesale customer?

Email for wholesale pricing and information.

What is the case pack size?

All pasta and sauce is sold in cases of 6 units.

How do I get the best deal on shipping?

If you are ordering less than 25 cases, your order will ship UPS ground.  It is best to purchase pasta in increments of 3 cases for the best value on shipping because we band them in groups of 3 (for example 3, 6, 9 etc).

Note: We do not band cases of sauce because they are fragile, so it is not necessary to order in increments of 3 cases.

If you are ordering more than 25 cases, your order will most likely ship freight because freight shipping is often cheaper than UPS ground.

What is the minimum wholesale order?

For pasta, the minimum order is 3 cases of pasta (total of 18 units).  For sauce, the minimum order is 1 case of sauce (total of 6 units).

What is the shelf life for Al Dente products?

Gluten Free Pasta: 24 months

All Other Pasta: 14 months

Sauce: 24 months

What is the lead time for wholesale orders?

There is a two week lead time for wholesale orders.

Any other questions?

Email with any other questions you may have.


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