BonaChia Pasta

bona chia pasta in the wall street journal!

I have to say it was pretty exciting when Anne Marie Chaker, writer for the Wall Street Journal, tracked me down in Montreal to “talk pasta”.  After 33 years in the biz, you can imagine I have oodles of insight into the magical world of pasta, including how it fits into America’s constantly changing eating [...]

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farmraiser fun

Tessa Belanger describes her impressions of Al Dente Pasta on the Farmraiser Blog…. “In Whitmore Lake, MI, just across the street from the lake, is a wonderland for pasta lovers. Al Dente is a small company, with big offerings. In 1981, Al Dente rolled out their first sheets of pasta dough and the high quality [...]

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Zingerman's in the NYT

our zingerman friends in the new york times

Great Photo by Joshua Lott for the New York Times So proud of the history we share with Zingerman’s and very excited about the latest article in The New York Times.  Jennifer Conlin, another good friend, did a great job capturing the feat Paul and Ari have accomplished. Starting a business is one thing, but [...]

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spring pasta with asparagus, goat cheese and lemon

Spring means asparagus!  I want to share step by step instructions on how to stretch out those tender stalks of goodness by combining with pasta and goat cheese. Super simple and really delicious. Cooking the asparagus in the same pot with the pasta puts it into my “3in3” category: 3 ingredients in 3 minutes.  And, [...]

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Pasta for Mother’s Day

Here are a couple great recipes to help you honor any of the women in your life: mother, aunt, sister, daughter, girlfriend. Nothing like sharing delicious food to show others how much we care. These recipes are Annabel Cohen originals that she created for a feast at our lake house. She has done many others [...]

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spring pasta with an egg on top

spring pasta with an egg on top

Isn’t spring time magical! Think asparagus and peas and strawberries and mushrooms and EGGS! In fact, I was just marveling over the miracle of an egg. And that made me remember this recipe developed by Tirenne, whom I met while she was a culinary student at Washtenaw Community College. It is spring time in a [...]

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kale, olive oil

Pasta with kale, carrot, and onions

This great recipe came to mind one cold winter day.  I always have carrots and kale in my vegetable crisper and usually make this recipe with lentils.  On this day I used an olive oil I love, Pons.  If you haven’t tried it, you really should. As you know, I love to construct recipes according to Monique’s [...]

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low cal

3 in 3: low cal pasta recipe

I won’t make any promises, but this is my personal strategy when I want to lose a couple of pounds but would never consider giving up pasta. Obviously we are all different and numerous variables contribute to our health and weight, but this works for me. A diet based on what I call my  little, [...]

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MM 2

Zingerman’s and al dente pasta

We always love to team up with Zingerman’s Deli and partnered with them to create an auction item of lunch for the highest bidder at a fundraiser for Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor.  Our winning bidder was Sheryl Hirsch,  who invited her husband, and their lucky guests to a lunch prepared by Monique and Misty.  We paired Al Dente [...]

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Swiss Chard 1

pasta with swiss chard, bacon, and onion

Think it’s time to revisit one of my favorite recipes from my dear friend Kasey Passen but with swiss chard as the leafy green to make a simple, delicious, and a 3 in 3 dinner.  I’ll use BonaChia pasta to keep the recipe vegan. Pasta with swiss chard, bacon, and onions 1/2 bag Al Dente Pasta, any cut, any flavor 1 [...]

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Pasta with crab, fresh tomato and basil

Inspired by my trip to Maine I couldn’t wait to create a pasta recipe using crab meat. Pasta will be ready in just 3 minutes and tossed with thus delicious concoction. Pasta with crab,  fresh tomato, and basil 1 bag of Al Dente Pasta, any cut, any flavor 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil 3 cloves garlic, [...]

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More Nanette 2

We love our team

Al Dente visitors witness family (husband, wife and sister) working side-by-side with loyal, long-time employees who are all true pasta experts. This proud legacy provides the inherent promise of homemade texture, quick cooking time and locally-sourced, American ingredients with every bag of Al Dente Pasta. We have a great team of employees who have been [...]

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