My husband calls me at work on Father’s Day and asks “Any plans for the Al Dente garlic pasta that is in the pantry”? Me…”Nope”. Husband….”Oh good, I am making it with sauteed mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, I’m gonna have a GREAT dinner!” Sue Ann Kupiec Shore

Al Dente’s Whole Wheat Fettuccine Plus Flax was chosen as a favorite in the April 2011 issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray in the article entitled Taste Test: The Best Whole Grain Pastas.  Rachael Ray’s panel sampled dozens of whole grain pastas and picked Al Dente® Pasta as best pasta for creamy sauces.

My son came home from college and said, “Mom I need more of that 3 min pasta!” He loves the new Pappardelle because it cooks in just 3 min. He’s a swimmer and the old coaches saying goes, “Eat pasta, swim fasta!” Sharon Schmidt Gifford

I used Al Dente egg noodles with beef stroganoff and liked the light pasta to counterbalance the heavy sauce. Thanks Al Dente! Amy Schmidt

We love Al Dente pasta. I have been making the chicken and asparagus recipe with spinach pasta for years. Every time I make it for guests they love it. Carolyne Moore

Al Dente Pasta is FAB and we are SO HAPPY that we can find it locally, at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op, and in Ann Arbor at Hillers Markets! Jen Eastridge

Since our field trip to your facility all my kids want to eat is “al dente!” They love it! Good thing I bought 3 packages while there. We will be making your pasta a regular in our home. Terrie Hanson Mathison

Your recipes are wonderful! I start my grocery shopping by first selecting an Al Dente Pasta. Next I pick-up the ingredients listed on the recipe on the back of the package. The results is a dinner which always impresses my family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Joyce Zahariades

I found Al Dente Pasta several years ago. We love it! Angie Butterfield

My friend Len has been raving about these locally made lo-carb noodles from Al Dente Pasta, so when I saw them at Holiday Market I decided to buy a package of the lemon pepper, and one of the egg. If you’re pursuing a lo-carb diet, or if you’re one of those people who tend to feel tired or bloated after eating bread and pasta, you might find these pastas to your liking. The Southeast Michigan Slow Food Review

I just came back from the great Michigan north where I was proud to see Al Dente pasta in all the best stores. The best only sell the best! Annabel Cohen

My favorite is spicy sesame! Love to make my own altered version of Marco Polo pasta for guests. Love the unique nutty flavor and the color! Emily Laurance

I tried your Egg Carba-Nada pasta this evening with my recipe and it was delicious! I cannot believe it has less calories and carbs than traditional pasta.  Thanks again!  Shaunya J.

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