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pasta party in the mansion

I have these visions: They always include people. They always involve pasta. This particular one was a doozy, even by my “everything is possible” standards. That’s because my idea was to host a cooking class/party for my kids and 20 of their friends. The cooking part would not be a problem. With my 3in3 pasta […]

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Bona Chia and Bon Appetit!

Oh yeah! Our new BonaChia® Pastas are popping up in fine stores all around the country- including NYC! If we can make it there, we can make it anywhere, or so they say. To celebrate this huge coup, I decided to search Bon Appetit’s website for a bit of inspiration. Afterall, they are based in […]

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monique goes to biercamp

The People I Meet Yesterday I paid a visit to Walter and Hannah, Ann Arbor’s adorable artisan sausage makers at Biercamp. A quick look around and before I could say, “yes!”, a new 3in3* recipe idea was born.  Biercamp’s Canadian Bacon is fully cooked, so I had them slice it as thin as possible.  Cauliflower […]

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pasta salad to the rescue

This heat wave around the country is outrageous! Definitely not spending a lot of time around a hot stove this summer.  Check out this video for the quickest pasta salad ever! Here are more great combinations that come to mind. Just toss with a bag of pasta and 1/2 cup of dressing. Salami, cherry tomatoes […]

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BonaChia™ Noodle Kugel with seasonal blueberry sauce

Yesterday at the factory we were brainstorming possible new recipes to use with our nutritious BonaChia™ pasta.  Nanette had the great idea to do a BonaChia™ breakfast noodle kugel.  “What a great way to start your morning!” she said.  To really boost the antioxidants and to incorporate a seasonal ingredient, and Karen suggested a blueberry sauce.   Thanks Nanette […]

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red, white, and (slightly) blue pasta

Here is something I would have NEVER thought of on my own. It’s also the reason I love having interns of a younger generation in my life. Hmm? Dying pasta blue with food coloring? Not sure how I feel about that,  but never one to squelch creativity, I told Danica to “go for it”. So,  […]

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