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pappardelle with chicken and broccoli

My morning revolves around (slowly) drinking my cup of cappuccino and (slowly) reading a newspaper or magazine. My family knows to never hurry me through this ritual. Thursdays are special because the is in print that day and I’ll admit I am an old-fashioned, love-to-touch-what-I-read, kind of person. I am also the type that […]

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Dancing with the Ann Arbor Stars

So excited to be a part of Ann Arbor Dancing with the Stars, Saturday April 21 at 6 p.m. Just $20 gets a vote and the proceeds will benefit Wild Swan Theater.   For more information or to vote online, click here. p.s.  Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us at Dancing with the Ann […]

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new pasta, new recipes, new friends

There’s a reason that the tag line to my blog is  “The people I meet, the pasta we eat.” I love meeting new people! I love pasta! And, I definitely love bringing the two together. Sometimes I do the cooking, sometimes they do the cooking and sometimes we cook together. But no matter what, there’s […]

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Pasta, Yoga and Vegans

We travel to seek inspiration. Right? And in the case of people like myself and my good friend Kristin Cole, that inspiration often translates into new recipes.  Sure enough, Kristin just sent me this recipe which was inspired during her time in Costa Rica where she was training to be a Yoga Instructor.   At […]

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