Monthly Archives: August 2011

whole wheat pasta with mint from my “garden”

I probably could have gotten away with conveying the image of me, with my sun hat on, working away in my beautiful garden, then whipping up this delicious pasta dish. Pretty picture, maybe. But not very honest. The only veggies that you eat at my house are from the local market. I am not a […]

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eating and cooking pasta in the big apple

It’s always a hard call for me as to whether or not to eat pasta at a restaurant. If it’s a combination that I would have never thought of, I’ll do it. Or if it’s a shape that we don’t make, I’ll go for it. So, while in New York visiting my kids there was […]

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pasta salads make summer livin’ easy

It’s summer. The livin’ is supposed to be easy. But then the unexpected guests show up. Or you can’t decide what you should make for the family reunion. Or it’s hot in your kitchen. Or you think you don’t know how to cook, but have been asked to bring a dish to a party. I […]

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