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Super Big, Super Bowl

Two years ago when I hosted an impromptu Super Bowl party, I made a super easy, super delicious do-ahead pasta dish. Since then I’ve made it many times, with just about all of our different flavors of pasta and it turns out great every time. Al Dente Super Pasta Bake 6 very generous portions 12 […]

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Three Ingredient Thursday: Presented by Alana and Meredith

Hello Al Dente Canoodlers! Alana Nedelman and Meredith Kramer here.  We are Art and Design students at the University of Michigan and have been having a blast working with Monique and Al Dente Pasta Company in the areas of design and marketing. Al Dente Pasta® is so perfect for busy students so we decided to […]

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Bona Sera does Al Dente Pasta

New Year, new resolutions…Bona Sera loves good food… good food that is also good for you.  Here is our version of a light, healthy and hardy Pappardelle which serves 4-6: Roasted Cauliflower, Pepper and Serrano Ham Pappardelle Ingredients: 1 bag of Al Dente Pappardelle 1 head of cauliflower 1 red pepper 8 thin slices of […]

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3 minute pastas, 3 ingredient recipes

We are big on 3’s. Al Dente Pasta cooks in 3 minutes. This is our 30th year in business.  And now, we will post a 3 ingredient pasta recipe every Thursday, so that we will have 30 recipes by the time we turn 30 this summer. Sometimes they will be my own quick recipes, but […]

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