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Win Whole Hog/Pasta basket-comment today!

by Bridget Isaia In the same way that Monique Deschaine is known for her ease at combining random ingredients from her refrigerator to create delicious sauces for Al Dente Pasta, she has the same knack at bringing together an interesting array of people and talents. A true genius at mixing things up in unusual ways, […]

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pasta, pig and the blues

Not just any pasta, but Al Dente’s Farm and Field Organic Pasta with braised pork, fennel and white truffle oil. Not just any old pig, but The Blind Pig.  Not a little piggie, but the Whole Hog. Not a predictable, know-what-will-be-in-store-for you restaurant, but Clandestino Underground Supper Club. Not a peruse-the-menu-before-committing, but Chef Efrain’s last […]

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