Monthly Archives: July 2008

back to cookin’ with my daughter!

Yes, it may seem as though I’ve been missing in action, but in reality I’ve been simply practicing what I preach.  I’ve been ” living in the moment” with my daughter, Theresa, who has just returned from France after 10 months of living the amazing life as an exchange student with the wonderful famille Buzy […]

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tout va bien. restaurants in nyc

All is well!  How many times in life can you say that you have no regrets?  Well, this is one of them. Last week Dennis and I were in New York exhibiting Al Dente Pasta at the Fancy Food Show.   When I’m in a city like New York, where the choices abound and innovation surrounds, […]

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a little bit of spice

I should first preface this by saying that I, Nate Staley, love spicy food.  Actually, I live for spicy food.  While most of my friends look for a good Chinese dish on the nights that they want to eat out, I’m always looking for a good Mexican or Indian establishment.  I want spicy food whenever I can […]

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