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al dente pasta holds the oscar

John, Deb and Miles OK, it’s not really Al Dente Pasta holding the Oscar.  It’s actually  Deborah Gaydos, wife of the Oscar winner, holding the pasta.   Let me explain.   Many fellow U of M alumna have gone on to Fame (with a capital “F”) and John Nelson is certainly one of them.  Among our group […]

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fearless cooking for teens

There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing when you’ve come up with the perfect gift idea.   That is how I felt the day I offered my friend, Marra, a cooking class for her 18th birthday.    I could tell by the look on her face that there was nothing better I could have given her. […]

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the experiment

My name is Aly Croen, I’m an intern for Al Dente Pasta this summer, and this is where my story begins.  It was dark, gloomy, rancid, and full of pizza boxes. No, I’m not talking about a garbage dump (though not far from), I’m referring to a college apartment.  On this fateful Thursday, I gathered […]

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father’s day favorite

Living in Michigan, I try my hardest not to let the weather influence my mood or my decisions. So, what was I thinking when I tried to cancel the first official Pasta and Peonies party due to the pouring rain and dark clouds? Thank goodness Lisa Dengiz, with her usual “the party must go on” […]

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a heavenly pasta inspiration

What makes this recipe “heavenly” is that it was inspired by my friend, Vicki Honeyman, who owns a wonderfully eclectic shop in Ann Arbor called Heavenly Metal. In the same way that Dennis and I, back in the 80’s, combined our two businesses under one roof to have the world’s only Pasta Factory/Windsurfing Store, one […]

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pasta favorite for the college grad

photo by Lisa Monahan A Special Pasta Dish for a Special Young Woman All of my kids have their designated favorite pasta dish named after them. Today, in celebration of my God Daughter’s graduation from Ferris State University, I would like to honor her by officially publishing Jenise’s Favorite on the Aldentecanoodler. Lisa Monahan, a […]

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a creative culinary expression

The aldentecanoodler is serving its purpose, that’s for sure! I’ve heard from friends from all around the world. Taking it one step further, I’m also making new friends. Like Todd White, who is the author of one of my absolute favorite blogs, Culinary Expressions. I love his style of cooking and so will you. Check […]

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