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noodles for breakfast? absolutely!

It’s not your average really good cook who would suggest I invite 8 girlfriends for a sleepover at our lake house and offer to create a delicious breakfast menu centered completely around Al Dente Pasta. But then it’s not just anyone who could show up late to a pot-luck birthday party where she was in […]

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locals wherever we go

Al Dente Pasta Featured at the Ann Arbor 4th Avenue People’s Food Co-op for their Annual Meeting As Dennis and I travel the country, we always feel like we’re locals wherever we go. But in Michigan, especially Ann Arbor, we are true locals. Lately, whenever I have a free weekend, I’ve been going to stores […]

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according to my calculations….friends + AL DENTE PASTA = a ridiculously awesome party

The following article was written by Eden Litt. Monique gave Eden 5 bags of pasta and this was the result: An Italian, a Portuguese, and an Iranian walk into a room…Sounds like the start of a really bad joke. It’s not, but it was the start of a beautiful fun-filled Al Dente pasta party evening […]

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